User management

You can create multiple users for your account. Each user can log into the TachoWeb with his username and password, but only sees the menu items for which he has permissions.


You can:

 Add new users

 Edit users you already created

 Assign user rights

Add user

To create a new user:

  1. Click Add  user ()
  2. Select company/branch (account) to which the user shall be assigned
  3. Enter the following data:
    • Login: Set user name (cannot be changed anymore)
    • First name, Surname and Email of the user
    • Password: Password for the user, repeat this for confirmation
  4. Click Save

To log in, the user needs the company ID (can be found in the top right corner in your account: e.g.: D.FIRMENKUERZEL.07747.98) as account name, his login name and the corresponding password.

Edit user

 Edit: Click edit-icon  in the first column of the respective user. 
Im Benutzer Fenster können alle gewünschten Daten (außer Benutzernamen) geändert werden. To change the user's password, click on Change Password.

 Deactivate / Activate user access: click on icon  /  

 Delete : click on the delete icon 

Assign user rights

Each user can be assigned rights for the access to the menu items in the TachoWeb, this means that the  menu items are visible for him in the TachoWeb or not.

To assign rights for a menu item:

  1. Click edit symbol  for the corresponding menu item (e.g. Administration): window with the structure (submenu items) of the selected menu item will open
  2. Grant permission by selecting the checkbox
  3. Release individual submenu items : Click on the fold down/up symbol (/) of the upper menu items and select or deselect the desired items (e.g. as shown in the figure left only access to the basic settings in the Administration/Overview menu is granted).