Here you can find all employees and view and edit their master data (including dates and driving licence information). In particular you can:

 Create employees
 Edit employees, in the editing interface you can

  • View and manage driver card details, trigger the remote download for this driver
  • Manage deadlines and driving licence data

Deactivate employees
Export the data as .csv or .pdf file  
or  import data (more detailed information on master data import here)

Create employees

To create a new employee:

  1. Click on Create 
  2. Enter information in the fields provided (mandatory fields* must be filled in)
  3. Enter driver card information under "Driver details" if necessary
  4. Click Save

To update the activity data of the driver, please read out the driver card.

Edit employees

In the  editing interface of the employee (open with Edit), the data already stored can be edited. This does not apply to disabled fields, which are filled by the system or can only be set once.

It also provides the features:

 Trigger remote download of the driver card  (Attention: only possible once a day, including automatic downloads)

 Create replacement card manually
Attention: only necessary for completely new driver card number ("real" replacement card numbers differ only in the last digit and will be recognized automatically)

 Assign (move) employees to another account
 Manage employee deadlines ("Deadlines" tab)
Manage driving licence data ("Driver's licence" tab)

The changes are stored by clicking on Save . To return to the overview, click on Back.

Deactivate employees

To activate/deactivate an employee, click on the icon in the "Active" column.

  Employee active
  Employee inactive
To display all drivers (including inactive ones) remove the filter "Active".

In the  TachoWeb generally only  active employees are taken into account, so if, for example, an employee should leave the company, you can deactivate this employee.


Here the dates assigned to the employee (sorted by category) can be:

   Activated: Uncheck the checkbox "Show only active deadlines" (1a),
then expand  the inactive date and enter the "Next maturity" (1b))
  Set completed: Click on the hook  for the completed date and enter the date of completion, the next due date will automatically be set using the interval

 Edited: Expand deadline , then you can edit the interval and next maturity

Please note:

  • To apply the changes you have made, click on the Save button  (bottom left)!
  • Some deadlines, such as the next readout date for the driver card, are automatically activated, set and managed by the system and can/should only be processed to a limited extent